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Pain in Paradise?

Once upon a time, I wondered: Will migraines follow me on vacation to Hawaii?

I am now back from the island paradise…

and I have my answer.

That answer


yes. 😦

But when the migraine went away,

I was on vacation in Hawaii. 🙂

So that’s the roller-coaster of my life.

(Shout out to my amazing boyfriend who took me on a birthday dream vacation and also took care of me when I didn’t feel good!)





1 Thing I Know: We Know Nothing

I had a scary migraine attack all day yesterday.  I woke up today feeling less pain, which is good. But I had that “migraine hangover” feeling, and I was emotionally drained.

How, after 17 years of having these attacks …(omg, 17 years, has it been that LONG?!)…

how do we still know NOTHING?

I don’t know how to prevent these kinds of scary attacks.

And I don’t know why they happen.

It’s a very helpless feeling, to be in so much pain for whatever unknown reason, and to know that going to the Emergency Room probably won’t even help.  The last few times I went, the medications actually made things WORSE by adding side effects to the situation.

So I’m left with this feeling today, that there is 1 thing I know: We Know Nothing.

I have hope that this will change. I have hope that I will eventually figure some things out.  But for now, I just take life 1 day at a time.



Free Stuff is Awesome

Having access to Youtube is like having access to free classes. How is it possible that these amazing videos, with a wealth of knowledge, are FREE?! It is truly awesome.

I came across a video that is SO GOOD that, once again, I feel compelled to share it with everyone!

It is a longer one (over an hour) but WELL WORTH watching the whole thing.

*It’s okay if you are like me, and you can’t finish it all in one sitting!

“Treating Pain Using the Brain”

Here is the video description on Youtube:

“Over the past two decades there has been a revolution in our knowledge of how pain is made by the brain, but very little of this information has reached pain sufferers. Much of the complex pain science can be reduced to a simple formula, ‘we will have pain when our brain has more credible evidence of danger to our body than credible evidence of safety to our body.'”

Thanks for reading my post today… and feel free to leave a comment!


-Kelly Alive

Pain Psychology

I am re-visiting an online program I found when I went down one of my internet wormholes.  (Internet Wormhole… when you Google one topic and end up on another website and another and another…)

I love the research coming out of the Pain Psychology Center. The Director has a free online program for Pain Recovery. It helped me a lot last year, and I am going to be reading through it again this year. YAY!

If you check it out, let me know what you think!