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So Tired

Migraines almost every day for the last week.


And I am so tired.

The pain has been driving me absolutely insane.


Anyone out there understand??



Pain in Paradise?

Once upon a time, I wondered: Will migraines follow me on vacation to Hawaii?

I am now back from the island paradise…

and I have my answer.

That answer


yes. 😦

But when the migraine went away,

I was on vacation in Hawaii. 🙂

So that’s the roller-coaster of my life.

(Shout out to my amazing boyfriend who took me on a birthday dream vacation and also took care of me when I didn’t feel good!)




Another Opinion

Chronic migraines are an ever-changing struggle.  I have good days in a row, and I start to feel almost “normal.”  And then I have bad day after bad day that has me wondering, “will I EVER feel that normalcy again?”

Up and down on the pain rollercoaster.

This week, I had an appointment with my neurologist to discuss treatment options.

I’ve been seeing the same doc for years… and he just seems kinda… lost.  I’m a hard case, because most of the things we tried have actually made me worse.  And none have really helped.

I had to ask for a referral. I am LONG overdue for seeing a new doctor.  I need a MIGRAINE SPECIALIST, not just a neurologist.

I know my neuro wants to help, but at this point, I need another opinion.

SO *fingers crossed*… I’m waiting for insurance approval, and then I can set up an appointment.

Such is the life.




1 Thing I Know: We Know Nothing

I had a scary migraine attack all day yesterday.  I woke up today feeling less pain, which is good. But I had that “migraine hangover” feeling, and I was emotionally drained.

How, after 17 years of having these attacks …(omg, 17 years, has it been that LONG?!)…

how do we still know NOTHING?

I don’t know how to prevent these kinds of scary attacks.

And I don’t know why they happen.

It’s a very helpless feeling, to be in so much pain for whatever unknown reason, and to know that going to the Emergency Room probably won’t even help.  The last few times I went, the medications actually made things WORSE by adding side effects to the situation.

So I’m left with this feeling today, that there is 1 thing I know: We Know Nothing.

I have hope that this will change. I have hope that I will eventually figure some things out.  But for now, I just take life 1 day at a time.