Migraine Life Update

The pandemic is still doing strange things to my sense of time. And I haven’t been feeling motivated to write in this blog. My apologies!

I *do* have an update though! Finally!

I finally tried 2 new medications for migraine attacks: Ubrelvy and Nurtec ODT. I got free samples from my neurologist. At this point, I would say that I prefer the Nurtec ODT. It’s been nice to have a new medication besides Imitrex. Imitrex just hasn’t been working as well lately. So yay for that!

Another big change that I’ve been focusing on is switching to a fragrance-free life as much as possible. So what does that mean? Over the last month, I’ve been buying only fragrance free products.


-Shampoo/conditioner/hair spray

-Face and body lotion

-Laundry detergent and fabric softener


-Hand sanitizer (which I found at Bath and Body Works, surprisingly!)

And I also took all my candles and perfume bottles and put them in a box in my garage.

Soooooo… *knock on wood*… I had a few less migraine attacks this past month… so maybe something is working?! Or it could be a fluke. It’s too early to say. But I wanted to share this update anyway. Can you relate?

4 months later…

Can you believe it’s been FOUR MONTHS since I wrote anything?!

Life is in this strange Twilight Zone. Anyone else feel it?

I’ve been staying home as much as possible. I’m in California in the U.S., so we went into Lockdown officially on March 19th. After that, a few things slowly re-opened, but I’m still staying home as much as possible.

I am staying sane, hallelujah! Although it has been very rough. But isn’t life always rough, if you’re living with chronic migraine attacks? (…yes. The answer is yes, for me! Always!)

I miss when things were normal, but I’m trying to find the positives in this situation. With classes being moved online, I find it more flexible with my health issues. So that’s been nice.

I also find that I’m having less FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) … because everything is closed or big events are canceled. So I’m not the only one missing out… we all are. It’s a collective experience of FOMO, which makes it sting a little less.

I hope if you are reading this, that life is treating you well, and that you are also staying sane in these crazy times. I hope you have a cute mask to wear. And I hope you’re extra nice to yourself and that you’re *treating yourself* because you deserve it!



It’s rough

Not doing so great over here. Migraine flare up, depression flare up, anxiety flare up. And not supposed to leave the house.

So now I’m just sitting in my room 24/7, thinking depressive/anxious thoughts, and trying to deal with migraine attacks.

That’s life right now. I’ll try to survive it, but I’m not sure how sane I can stay.

It’s rough.

Sending out love and positive vibes to everyone reading this. We could all use some love and positive vibes.

Virtual XoXo,


Almost my birthday

It’s almost my birthday (which is March 12th) and I’m trying to get excited about it.

Life’s just been really rough lately.

So I want to say “thank you” to you, for reading this. The chronic migraine life can feel SO lonely. Thank you for helping me feel less alone. I love you.