Lately, I have been working through my feelings of existentialism.  I have settled into this different type of life: after struggling to hold a job for so long with disabling migraines, I was able to leave the workforce and focus on healing and taking care of myself. But that’s not how we are programmed in society these days. I still feel like I should be working, especially on the days where the pain isn’t so bad and I have a little energy. I am *extremely* grateful for the situation I am in, especially on the bad days where I am thankful I have no where to be.  My brain still somehow finds a way to come up with negative thoughts and sabotage my best efforts to focus on the positives.

I’m a work in progress… constantly!


backlit beach clouds dark


So Tired

Migraines almost every day for the last week.


And I am so tired.

The pain has been driving me absolutely insane.


Anyone out there understand??


One Hour at a Time

Migraines are kicking my booty right now.

I am tired of it.

It is a neurological, physical, mental, emotional, and psychological disease. It messes with everything!

At this point, all I can do for myself is to try to be a cheerleader. Tell myself that I am a Warrior Woman for dealing with this pain so often. It is chaos and it is unpredictable.

One day at a time.

One hour at a time.

(Also…I have an appointment with a specialist in a month–a new doctor, yay! Maybe he will have some fresh ideas. Insurance came through, yay!)

Sending lots of love and hugs to everyone reading this. ❤



3/28/18 Thoughts

Things I am contemplating today:

-What is the difference between taking a little break from the outside world vs. isolating yourself?

I’m not sure about this one. I get super antsy when I am stuck at home, so I try to convince myself that it’s just a little break, no big deal. But I also don’t want to go too far… isolate myself and fall into a hibernation/cave mentality.

-Which vitamins/supplements are worth the money, and am I taking them at the right time of day and with/without food correctly?

I’m experimenting right now.  An article popped up about this randomly, and I read that magnesium is better at night (supposedly).  So I am switching to see if taking it at a different time will help.