I am re-reading the book “Feeling Good” in an attempt to curb my depressive symptoms.

Depression is making life very difficult right now.

Hopefully I will have more to share soon.

I hope that if you are reading this, you are taking good care of yourself. You deserve it.




Our brains can be re-wired

Today I read this really interesting article on Neuroplasticity:


“you and me
and everyone here:

we’re just silly humans, living our lives
making mistakes all of the time
but still we are worthy, of forgiveness and love.

you, and me… we are enough.”

-Kelly Alive

(sending you love today… I believe in you always)


Sorry, here’s a rant for you today:

What is life like when you’re normal?

What’s it like, to not be in pain every week of your life?

I’ve had chronic migraines since I was about 14 years old.

I feel like I never had a chance to have a life. My teen years weren’t normal. Missing school all the time, endless doctor appointments, trying every medical treatment available, taking so much medication.

How am I 31 years old and still dealing with this pain?

It’s endless.

It comes and goes… even when it goes away, it always comes back.

I look around at all the people in my life, and I know we all suffer in different ways… but I’m jealous.

I hate this chronic migraine life right now.



white blue and purple multi shape medicine pills

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