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Failures and New Beginnings

Starting a new treatment for chronic migraines for me is usually equal parts hope and skepticism.  I’ve spent a decade and a half trying to get rid of the beast in my head.  (Yes, I call this disease a “beast,” because I don’t want it to be part of me.  It’s a separate entity that lives in me, causing me pain.)  And I still have hope that something will calm it down.  But so far, nothing has worked.  Over the years, I thought something would happen.

Would moving to a state without snowy winters calm it down?  For me, no.

Would ANY medication ever help, and not have terrible side effects?  For me, no.

I saw all different types of doctors, and tried many types of treatments… but so far, even if the beginning results felt promising, it never lasted.

So Botox has fallen under the category of “made me worse, had horrible side effects.”  This is sad to say.  Everyone was crossing their fingers and hoping for the best.

1 month down, 2 more to go, until the Botox wears off.  Which, in my case, I am happily waiting for.  October has been rough, painful, and stressful.

What is next?

Another lifestyle change.  I started eating different foods a few days ago, and so far, the pain has calmed down.  Once again, I go into a new diet/treatment with equal parts hope and skepticism.  Fingers crossed. 

With every failure comes an opportunity for a new beginning– The roller coaster of the chronic pain life!

(P.S.  I will post more about the new diet later!)


Botox Update!

Hello beautiful people, thank you for reading my blog!  This journey is full of ups and downs, like an unpredictable roller coaster that may or may not fly off the tracks at any second.

I received my first round of Botox injections 12 days ago.  I skipped the neck ones because I read a lot of horrible reviews online about them.  Plus I thought to myself, why fill my head with all 31 shots on the first try?  Maybe I should test the waters first and see how I react.  So here’s what’s been happening…

This has been my personal subjective experience:


-I trusted in my skilled neurologist, who has been doing Botox for years for his migraine patients.  (He really is wonderful!)

-The injections were pretty quick and didn’t hurt too much (I dunno about you, but my pain tolerance is pretty high, because, ya know, migraines)

-My migraines have been slightly less severe (7 / 10 instead of 10 / 10)

-My forehead looks smoother… (ah, vanity!)


-Felt extremely tired for a week after the treatment, felt fatigued, and slept more than usual

-I’ve been getting headaches every day, and full on migraine attacks almost every day (they are 7 outta 10 instead of 10/10 migraines, but still… PAINFUL AF!)

-My face feels extremely weird.  Like it’s being turned to stone, frozen by Medusa.  Any kind of facial movement feel very strained.

-I typically suffer from insomnia, but it is exacerbated now (which may or may not be related to the Botox, but if you Google it, there are many many results saying that it might be the Botox)

And for the biggest con of all:

-Starting just 2 days after the injection, my jaw locked open (briefly, for maybe a minute or less)… and then I would shove it back into place.  Crisis averted.

-Then my jaw locked open again.

And again.

and AGAIN.

My jaw locked open 4 different times….when I yawned or brushed my teeth.

Yesterday, the 5th time it got locked open, it stuck.  I ended up in the Emergency Room for a locked jaw that was stuck open for over 3 hours!

At the ER, after being given pain meds for my migraine and jaw pain, I saw a Doctor who was able to get it back in place.  When I left the ER, it happened again IMMEDIATELY.  Lockjaw #6 since Botox.

So now I am off work for 3 days, not able to open my mouth, drinking through a straw, and taking muscle relaxers.  And I still have a migraine.

I am staying positive, because I know things could be worse… hopefully this is the worst of it.  ::fingers crossed:

Thanks for tuning in!  This has been Kelly the Valium blob, updating you on “Adventures in Botox.”


Botox for Chronic Migraines

Tomorrow is my first round of Botox for chronic migraines.

I was first told to get Botox done a year ago, but I didn’t.  I am very good at procrastinating.

I’ve tried so many other things this past year (see: diet changes, caffeine changes, more exercise, taking time off work, different Rx meds, different supplements, etc etc) buuuuut I still get symptoms every day, and full-on migraine attacks up to 25 times a month.

So even though I am incredibly nervous (and skeptical), I am trying to hold on to the hope that maybe this will get me some relief.

*Fingers crossed*