Me = Work in Progress

My best advice at this moment in time & space:

If you have a chronic pain condition or invisible illness or disability…
Be nice to yourself. 
…and then be even nicer!
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Be the most patient, caring and loving soul to yourself.
Keep doing the best you can, even if your best doesn’t feel like anything.
Because our road is a hard one. A stressful one. That most people can’t see and don’t understand.
I’m glad that my high pain levels come and go. It could be worse.
What is the pain trying to tell me?
I have no idea. But I’m trying to listen.
My current challenge is to not have an over-the-top freak out meltdown every time the pain comes.
This challenge is so tough because I tell that story to myself… the negative story of migraines, and all the time and energy (and life) they have stolen from me over the years.
But I am trying to let go of the story and deal with the moment as it is. 
Remember to Breathe. Counter-intuitively Relax. Take meds. Hydrate. And ask myself, what emo shiz is on my mind? What inner conflicts am I not dealing with?
Remind myself: I’m going to feel better. I always do, at some point, sooner or later.
Instead of searching for triggers or beating myself up for possibly causing a migraine (ugh, like we need to add blame and shame on top of the pain)… I don’t want to even go to that mental place anymore. I want to shrink that space, that seems to grow year after year.
I didn’t cause this.
I am not to blame.
I don’t need to feel shame about my condition. I can admit it and deal with it on a moment-to moment-basis.
Maybe I can stop the avalanche of mental crap that’s built up over all this time. Let the story go. Let the trigger list go. Stop trying to find a cause like I am to blame.
Change my reaction. Love myself more. Take better care of myself. And dig deeper into my soul and see what I need to tend to.
The pain and emotions of migraine can be overwhelming and intense, but this is how I am trying to find a better way of handling it.
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