…Better, and now bad again

The first 2 weeks of July were a nice change.  I woke up feeling the migraine twinge, but the beast stayed away.  Day after day, little by little, I started to feel a little more normal.  I got out of the pain cycle.  IT WAS SO NICE!  I had a lovely break from this migraine life and was able to do some really fun things with family and friends.

But it didn’t last, sadly.

I am now stuck in Migraine hell, Day 5 today.  5 days in a row of utter misery.

I am about to lose my dang mind.  I am holding on to threads of sanity.

Depression won’t leave me alone, which really doesn’t help the state I am in.

I can’t wait for this to pass.  I wish I could do something productive despite the pain, but it is overwhelming me right now.  I go back and forth between despair and acceptance.  I understand that I have this condition, but WHY?!  I did nothing differently, not to my knowledge.  And I can handle 1 day of sitting around in my hot dark room.  But 5 days in a row?  Frick.

Waiting to be saved…


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  1. Sadly, I understand this all too well. I’m glad you had some good days. Isn’t it so difficult… the depression that goes along with being in pain so often, on top of the pain. Hope you get some relief ❤

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    1. Thank you for the kind words! It sucks that you understand what I am going through, but I appreciate that you understand as well. Such a painful experience. I am hoping for relief as well. Still waiting…


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      1. Agreed. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but it is helpful to know that someone else can relate. It’s painful in so many ways… it affects every aspect of my life. It’s strange that headache and migraine are so common but there still isn’t a good remedy… Let me know if you find anything that helps! Curious to know what you have tried? I’ve tried every preventative, lidocaine infusions, Botox, acupuncture and more… I’m willing to try just about anything ❤

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        1. We agree on so many levels! Frequent migraines definitely interfere with every aspect of life. And there are so many types and possible triggers… some people are able to figure it out. I’ve been dealing with migraines for 16 years now and I am still searching for answers. Any medication or treatment or diet I try doesn’t seem to have a lasting effect. My list is very long! Many types of diets, preventative medications, nerve block, Botox, acupuncture, chiropractic, supplements… I still have hope that *something* or some *combination* will help. Every person is so different though. Right now I’m reading books about the Mind-Body connection. Very interesting stuff! I could go on and on… lol.

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          1. Yes! You are pretty much describing my life. I’ve had things work for a while and then stop. I know some things that are definite triggers, but most of the time I have no idea what triggers them. The last few months have been terrible! I have also done some reading on mind-body connection and I just have a hard time get myself out of this rut… I’m stuck in pain/depression and it’s a hard place to get out of. I hope we both find some relief soon. Take care – Laurie

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            1. I totally understand. It’s quite a journey to figure this mystery out! I hope we find relief too. I’ve had a good couple of days finally, YAY! Sending you lots of positive vibes!

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            2. I’m so glad! I have had a bit of relief too ❤

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