“Just a Headache”

“Just a headache”…

People that get migraines KNOW that it is NOT “just a headache.”  Migraine is a neurological disease with *so* many other symptoms besides the head pain.

This is all true, and you’ve probably heard this before and had these same thoughts.


I came up with an interesting way to use this phrase as a meditation during painful moments.

On Tuesday, when I was being TORTURED by the worst migraine pain ever and almost went to the ER, I decided to use the phrase to calm down my migraine/panic attack.

“Kelly, ssshhh,” I told myself.  “It’s okay.  It’s just a headache.  You will feel better soon. You can get through this. It’s just a headache.”

It’s a little lie that I would NEVER say out loud to anyone else.  But it’s a little lie that eased my anxiety.  The lie calmed me down a little each time I meditated on those words.  So maybe it’s okay to use that phrase–if only to ourselves–during those moments of terror.  When your fight or flight response is only worsening your flare up, remember: It’s just a headache.



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