Low Carb Fun

I wish I could be writing a post today about how my new diet has been really easy and a miracle cure for my migraines!  In reality, the diet has been very challenging to follow strictly.  And the migraine attacks?  They were less frequent or less severe for the first half of November, but they came back with a vengeance the second half of the month.

At the beginning of November, I started eating a low carb/very little wheat/low sugar diet (those 3 things kinda go hand in hand, huh?).  And for a couple weeks, I had a pain break.  Not perfect, because I wasn’t at a “0 or 1” everyday and I still occasionally took migraine meds for impending attacks… but I was much less disabled.  HALLELUJAH!!!!!!

And even though I *tried* to not get my hopes up, I thought maybe, just MAYBE, I could have a “Life After Migraines.”  Ah, but the roller-coaster persists.

In my 15 year migraine journey, I never found any patterns with food and my migraines, personally.  My migraine attacks seem so random.  But this time, maaaaybe making different food choices for a month made me feel better for a short amount of time.  I’ll admit, I’ve never done a low carb diet before.  I’m definitely the type of girl that likes bread, pizza, oatmeal, waffles, pancakes, potatoes… and did I mention pizza?   It’s been challenging, and it has required me to use my cooking skills (and dish-cleaning skills) a lot more often.  Even though it feels like a failure these last two weeks, hopefully this is just temporary.  Maybe I can get back to feeling a little better soon.

It’s so hard coming off of another pain break (like always!), but my support system is helping me through it.  Lots of texts with people, just to reach out and say, “CHRONIC PAIN LIFE IS SOOOO HAAAAARD!”  But I’m getting through it.  Hopefully the pain calms down soon and I can get another pain break. *Fingers Crossed!*



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