Vertigo at the movie theater

Star Trek Beyond triggered vertigo for me.

I don’t experience vertigo very often, but sometimes it shows up in unexpected places.  What a sneaky jerk!




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  1. I couldn’t like this post because that sucks. Maybe I don’t want to see that movie. Many movies start to make me feel wooshy so I’ll turn my head for a while, hubby tells me when I can look back, but none have caused full blown vertigo. Oh I can’t say that, there have been many time I’ve been watching TV and I suddenly got vertigo, who knows what triggered it. Still sucks.

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    1. The vertigo happened very early in the movie, and I struggled to watch the rest of it. They used a filming technique for some of the space shots that mimics exactly what vertigo feels like. I saw it in the theater a couple weeks ago and I am still getting little hints of vertigo every few days.

      I thought it would be a good idea to put a warning out for other people. It’s such a terrible feeling!



  2. I’m a Trekkie. It was a terrible idea, but I went. My migraine worsened and I dizzy within the first half hour and I spent most of the movie with my eyes closed. I was still punished for about two weeks. Watching a movie in the dark is common trigger for brain related conditions, like migraines and vertigo. The chances increase as the movie contains more flashing flights. For example the phasers, warp speed, red alert, warp cores, explosions, and light sabers.


    1. Hello, fellow Trekkie! So sorry to hear that you had a similar experience at the movie theater.


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