Occipital Nerve Block

I had my first occipital nerve block done last month.  4 quick injections in the back of the head.  It hurt less than I imagined it would.  The injection sites were sore for a few days after, but the actual shots weren’t too painful.  Plus it probably helped that I brought an ice pack with me to pre-numb my head, and then ice my head afterward.

The two weeks that followed the nerve block were nice.  Even though I felt a migraine attack coming every day, it never actually happened.  (Well, I had *one* migraine attack, but it hit right before I went to sleep.  I took meds, and when I woke up, it was gone.)

Every day I waited for the pain to overwhelm me, but the awful pain stayed away.  I still had other migraine disease symptoms though, like sensitivity to lights/noises and the general prodrome I usually get.

Then it’s like the switch went off, and I am back to dealing with a lot of bad days and horrible pain.  Such extremes. Some days I get by, and some days I am in unbearable pain and almost end up in the ER.

Not sure what my next move is.  Another nerve block?  Or maybe kick it up a notch and get Botox done?  Or maybe something else, like a new supplement or a diet change…

I’m hopeful that I will find something that helps.



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  1. I had those done and they helped for two rounds and then the last two rounds they just quit working so we didn’t do any more. I’m currently doing Botox but it doesn’t really help. I also had the occipital nerve surgery which seems to have been not so helpful so far. Hope Botox will work for you. It works for a lot of people.

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    1. I’m sorry to hear that the nerve blocks stopped helping, and the other treatments haven’t worked much either. Such a tricky disease! *Hugs*


  2. By any chance, are you on hormones? My diet changes have helped, but I am getting even more benefit from getting off of my estrogen replacement. I know another migraineur whose pain decreased significantly after she stopped birth control pills. I know others whose migraines went away after menopause. I am becoming more convinced that estrogen plays a role somehow.

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    1. Thank you for bringing that up, because maybe someone will see your comment and it will help them. For me personally, I’ve never been on BC because of the migraine contraindication (http://migraineagain.com/why-oral-contraceptives-can-be-risky-for-some-migraine-sufferers/).

      My migraines, so far, have been a mystery. I love our migraine community and how we can give each other ideas and different things to think about. Maybe something will one day click! 🙂


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  3. I also have some thoughts regarding nerve blocks and Botox. I have had nerve blocks and dry needling at the base of my skull, but I didn’t have lasting results either (haven’t had Botox). The more I think about it, the more I realize that numbing or relaxing/paralyzing my neck muscles isn’t going to make the swelling of the blood vessels under my skull go down. My understanding is that this swelling is what puts pressure on the nerves including the ones that innervate the muscles of the neck. I have come to the conclusion that the only way I am going to get some relief is by attacking the root cause of the vessels swelling in the first place. It is just hard to figure out what that root cause is. For now, for me, it seems to be diet and hormones. I am also wondering if things like bright lights, heat, smells, and loud sounds actually are part of the root cause rather than simply things that I can’t tolerate during a migraine.

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    1. Exactly! I wonder that for me as well… what the root cause is, if there is one. No answers yet. I just saw my doctor today and it sounds like he wants to try Botox in a couple weeks. *Fingers crossed*

      Thank you for your comments! Hopefully we find some answers and relief soon.


  4. I hope you find something that works too. Botox isn’t bad, didn’t work for me but the procedure isn’t bad. I’m searching for help for my head too. May we both find help.

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    1. Thank you! I wish Botox helped you. That is next on my list.


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