Migraines and Depression

The question I am pondering today is:

How much suffering will my pain cause?

I believe there is a psychological component to a migraine attack that is beyond my control, logic, or rational thinking.  When my attacks are too painful to bear, I lose all sense and reasoning.  Being alive becomes torture.

It is like the losing of one’s mind due to extraordinary pain.

I just wish I didn’t have to suffer like this, *along with* the pain I experience.  The pain is bad enough.  And yet it comes with crushing depression as well.

And then, it is so strange… how once the pain subsides quite a bit, I am able to think more clearly again.  Feel hopeful again.

There should be a study on this! (Or if there is already, comment with the link!)




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  1. I have the same problem with depression during a migraine. It seems that I remember reading that the hypothalamus is affected in both. What keeps me from totally despairing in the midst is sweet communion with God while I sit and wait for the hours to pass.

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    1. Interesting! I will have to read up on the hypothalamus. That could unlock some of the mystery! Our brains are so interesting. So much to learn. 🙂

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  2. I think most people with a chronic illness are more likely to become depressed, after all, pain is pain, whether physical or emotional. It’s impossible to separate your body from your mind, and situational depression is completely normal (sadly). I go through periods of severe depression, but there’s always a light at the end of it (so far). Patience is the name of the game. No matter how bad today/this week/this month was, it will eventually pass. If nothing else, it makes the decent days seem freakin’ awesome. Source: me 🙂

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    1. I love your comment! Very well said. I agree with everything you wrote!
      The good days really are *that much* better.

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  3. I was JUST thinking about this and brewing a blog in my head! It’s like when I have a migraine, I have on dark glasses that skew everything. Logically, I know life is pretty much the same as as it was yesterday, but it still feels like everything has suddenly gone dark and hopeless and completely unmanageable…and like it will always be that way. But the lights eventually come back on.

    When I mentioned to a friend that the headaches get me down, she was like well yeah duh migraines are linked to depression. Oh.

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    1. EXACTLY! And I think there is a difference between:
      A. Having a lot of migraines and having depression overall and
      B. The intense depression that accompanies a migraine attack in the pain stage.

      I love your “dark glasses” metaphor. There’s really something to it. I’m so curious…because there could be some clues hidden somewhere!


  4. That’s an interesting observation I had never thought about. You’re probably right.

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