Money Stuff

How do chronically ill persons support themselves?

That is a question I am struggling to answer right now.

If anyone has any ideas, please leave them in the comments or e-mail me at

Every dollar counts!

One idea I have is to post cute videos of my puppy.  So I posted this one today:


It’s a long shot, but if it gets enough views, it might make a few bucks.

I’m coming up with more ideas, and I will keep you posted.  🙂


5 responses

  1. I’m forwarding it on to support your cause!

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    1. Thank you, friend!!! *Hugs!*

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  2. If you find out, let me know.


    1. It’s so hard. All the normal people in my day-to-day life are like, “You need to make money? Just go back to work.”

      Like it’s that easy. Pffft. They don’t quite get it.

      I’m still coming up with ideas. :-/


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      1. Oh yeah? Why didn’t I think of that? Hmm… lol

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