No Such Thing…

I saw this posted on the Facebook page “Migraineur Misfits” and I felt compelled to share:

migraine used to pain

Saying “I have a migraine” 10-20 times a month can get *so old* after 14 years.  And for the people around me, I am sure that me saying it over and over again can be confusing. Because “surely by now I am used to the pain, right?”  WRONG!  SO WRONG! 

Migraine pain is the worst.  And I have become too accustomed to hiding it, and I am working on that all the time.



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  1. I have experienced the very same feeling. I heard my kids pray day after day for my headache to go away. It finally has since I have made major diet changes. I’m posting about it if you want to visit.

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    1. Hi there! *Hugs!* So sorry that you understand the feeling, but I am happy that diet changes have helped you. I will be reading and following your story!


  2. So true! We get better and better at hiding it or just not talking about it (mostly to convenience others) but it doesn’t get easier and you don’t get used to it.

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    1. I think it’s one of the biggest obstacles we try to overcome… trying to explain to non-sufferers what it’s like. They just don’t get it, and words are usually insufficient. At least we understand each other though! *Hugs!*


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  3. Sometimes I think that there should be a new alternative name for “migraines”. The term really doesn’t depict the amount of pain experienced, non sufferers equate them to headaches. I have idiopathic intracranial hypertension so I really sympathise with you (ironically I just wrote a post on migraine).

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    1. I completely 100% agree with you. I think the word migraine is insufficient at this point. It doesn’t accurately describe the full experience. Any ideas?
      Ones that come to mind:
      “Knife in head” syndrome, or maybe “I would rather die than feel another second of this” pain. Something like that. Thanks for the comment love!

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  4. I’m a migraine sufferer too. I’m used to hiding it, as much as I can, often I can’t. Having to go off Topamax because of the seizures is causing me to have more. But this time it’s more ice pick headaches. A sudden very sharp pain that doesn’t last too long, then it settles into…oh my head hurts. I have chronic daily headaches and have to say, I am used to the pain. I just push it back. I don’t know what it feels like not to have a headache of some kind. My daily headaches are around a 3 normally, I don’t have problems until it goes over a 5. I don’t think most understand a true migraine…damn it all…it hurts so f***itng bad! Then there are clusters…the suicide headaches, yes they are worse than migraines. Luckily I don’t have those often. I think a hammer to my temple could hurt no less.
    May we have migraine free days.


    1. You poor thing!!! So much pain. It’s so interesting how many different types of migraine there are, and how one person can experience such a range of symptoms. Wish there was more money for research!!!!

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