Pros and Cons of Being on Prednisone for Chronic Migraines

The Pros and Cons of being on Prednisone (aka steroids):


-Haven’t taken any Sumatriptan medication since I started the taper
-Medical leave from work
-Minimal stress
-No driving anywhere
-Minimal migraine symptoms
-I have a reasonable excuse to be a total blob (so I am binge-watching LOST and loving it… no spoilers!)


-Had to take medical leave from work
-Can’t drive (it’s hard to rely on other people!)
-Not able to concentrate or read or think clearly… or do much of anything
-Thoooose siiiide effeeeeeects, such as: Always hungry, puffy face, headaches as the steroids wear off, worse insomnia than usual, totally out of it all day, anxiety, pounding heartbeat, and I have a small bruise or rash on my arm that may or may not be related
-Severe heartburn (but my Dr. prescribed Omeprazole which relieved this symptom!)

I’ve been drinking a ton of water, eating bananas, and trying to eat normal-sized meals.  I had no idea that I was going to be in this Super Intense Drug Haze for this long period of time.  I am on Day 10 and I still can’t drive or work.

Also, I started to experience some migraine symptoms as each steroid dose wore off, but once I took my daily dose, the migraine faded away within a few hours.  Pretty crazy.  Pretty effective.

Every 3 days, I take 10 mg less of this stuff.  So we’ll see what happens as I start to come out of the haze.

This has been Kelly the Prednisone Blob reporting.  Stay tuned for more updates!


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  1. Prednisone can be great and terrible all at once. Hope you feel better soon!!

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    1. I ended up in the ER with the worst migraine of my life… but on the bright side, now that I am off Prednisone (and all my other worthless preventative meds), I finally decided to make some lifestyle changes that I’ve been needing to make. And so far, it’s been helping!


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