Friday’s Torturous Migraine Attack

Migraines every day: Ouch.  Taking pain pills every day: Guilty.

Then Friday night’s attack happened.  It was so painful and so torturous that now I feel traumatized.   It’s hard to describe a 10-on-the-pain-scale migraine attack.  Or maybe even above a 10.

The attack was so scary.  I was in pain all day, but around 9 pm was when it escalated.  And it lasted until I finally took a Benadryl and fell asleep (passed out?) sometime around 1:30 am.

Does this happen to other migraine sufferers?  Do you ever get an attack so bad that it makes your other pain seem mild?

Sometimes I forget that it is possible for these migraines to get this bad.  I almost went to the ER, because it felt like my brain exploded.  I was crying hysterically to the point of almost screaming.

Yesterday and today (so far) have been better.  I’m in migraine postdrome, and every time I move my head I feel pressure and some leftover pain from Friday (but not even close to being as bad).  It’s just enough to remind me of Friday and warn me that if I do too much, it could happen again.

C’est la vie.


6 responses

  1. Yes. Some attacks are much more painful than others.


    1. 😦 It’s hard to figure out triggers, and then it’s hard to avoid those triggers because they tend to be unavoidable!

      Thanks for the comment, friend!



  2. I call those attacks “mega”raines. I’ve contemplated going to the ER many times during those attacks. I agree, they are very scary. I wish more people understood that. Hope you’re feeling better! 😊


    1. Thank you so much for the comment. “Mega”raines are so painful and hard to explain to people. I’m glad we can commiserate (although I’m never glad about the actual pain). It took quite a few days to recover from that one, but eventually I started feeling better. Such a rollercoaster!

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  3. I have gone to the ER twice for severe Migraines. And both trips were useless. They treat you like crap. So I stopped going. I have since been Diagnosed as having had 3 TIA’s. One of my Severe Migraines was accompanied by loss of feeling in a limb.. and although some of the sensation came back.. not all of it did. Did I learn my lesson? No. I still won’t go to the ER for a Migraine. Most people there treat you like you are the biggest baby in the world. I have a HUGE pain tolerance.. It takes alot for me to bend and go in the the ER.. So to not get Quality care or compassion.. Will most likely lead to my demise.

    I call the after effects of the super migraines the Hangover Headache. The leftover effects from the trauma of the migraine. It literally is the hanging around leftovers.. hangovers. It can lead right back into one.. and give the effect of multi day migraines.. the pain is that bad.But never mind us.. when we come to the ER.. it’s just a “headache”… GRRR!


    1. Hey friend,
      I’m so sorry to hear about the TIA’s. You would think that having that diagnosis would get you better care at the ER.
      I ended up not going for this one, but I was extremely close to going. I’ve gone 3 times and had different experiences with each time. It seems to be random, depending on who is working at the hospital and how busy it is. Dilaudid is my absolute last resort medication in the ER. Even though it works really well, it seems to drain me of ALL my energy and extends that Hangover effect you mentioned.
      I feel like people who experience these types of extreme migraines need a new name for it. It’s torturous pain!!!
      I appreciate the comment and at least you can understand my pain (although it sucks that you do!!!).


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