Bad Cycle

I’m in a bad cycle of migraine head pain.  I can’t seem to fully get rid of the searing pain.  I always have (metaphorical) knives in my eye, temple, and neck.  Nothing seems to help.  It’s hard not to feel defeated and lonely right now.  I have no clue what my body wants from me.

I can recognize now how I’ve become too good at “faking wellness.”  No one around me seems to notice that I’m flailing in a migraine abyss.  I’m trying to work on that–trying to take the “I’m Fine” mask off–especially now that I’m not at work, pretending in front of customers.  My family and friends are supposed to support me, so I would like to be less scared of sharing with them how I am truly feeling.

Old habits die hard though.


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  1. My Brain on Tyramine | Reply

    Sucks. Feel better soon.

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    1. Thank you!! It’s part of the roller coaster: feeling horrible, then feeling better, then horrible again. I think I’m starting to get better at communicating. Last night I put on one of those ice-pack head-wrap things and walked around the house with it. My family got the message!


  2. Yeah…we can’t be honest all the time about our pain, but I find the occasional earnest conversation with someone I trust, maybe including a good cry, is often followed by a few laughs. We gotta get stuff off our chest in order to have any fun, right?

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