3 Weeks

For once, I may have handled my migraines in the professional world in the correct way:

I am on Medical Leave for 3 weeks to rest and recuperate.

As scary as it is to NOT be working for 3 weeks officially, it is a hell of a lot better than: 1. dealing with the stress of calling out of work last minute, or 2. forcing myself to work during an attack.

It doesn’t feel real quite yet.  I was in a tough spot these last couple of weeks, with terrible migraine attacks and very little time to recover.  I felt the extreme discomfort of facing my fears of letting down my bosses and coworkers.  But this illness is not my fault, and I am doing the best I can.  It’s good to just admit it, deal with the reality of my situation, and take extra good care of myself.

Life is this crazy journey of making mistakes and having to learn through experience (especially failures and misunderstandings)!!!  It’s all good.  I’m human.  🙂


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