Migraine Hell

Today is my *fourth* day in Migraine Hell this week and I am soooo miserable.  My head pain has been excruciating for most of the day, and on top of that, my nausea has also been horrible.  Also, my emotions are super wacky.  I’m crying and depressed in my room all day, but my family and puppy still manage to make me smile when I make a short appearance outside of my room.

Yesterday was craaaazy:

Yesterday morning I woke up, and my pain level was at about a 3.  It lingered and annoyed me, but I thought I would try to go to work.

Bad idea.

My pain skyrocketed to a 10 on the drive to work, so I ended up pulled over on the side of the road, bawling.  Ugh.  It was scary.  I had to call work and tell them about the situation, still in tears.  They understood.  Once the pain calmed down, I retreated to my boyfriend’s house where he took care of me all day.  Awwww.

My pain can be SO unpredictable, even for myself.  And I’ve been dealing with migraines for years and years.

That’s about all the blogging I can manage for today.  Sending love and positive vibes to everyone reading this.  I could use some myself!


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