Where does the time go?  Every day just flies by!

So let’s check in… where am I at right now?

My pain levels are a roller-coaster, changing every few minutes.  I can hardly keep up!  There are low-pain moments when I can distract myself, but then the migraine beast decides to beg for my attention, escalating to the point where I can no longer ignore it.  Happy to say this, though: I’ve been better about taking my meds sooner (a lesson I have learned the hard way over and over again, as described in a post here). I feel less like a torture victim.  So that’s a plus!

I’ve been trying to do more fun things to escape my depression and pain bubbles:

*I went whale watching for the first time! A thrilling experience, to see such giant, majestic creatures. 🙂

*I also began learning how to paint, which I have never done before.  It started with one of those Adult “Paint and Wine” nights that are ever-so popular right now.  I enjoyed myself so much that I have completed 4 paintings! 3 at social events, and 1 at home. 🙂

*Valentine’s Day with my significant other was WONDERFUL!  He went way over-the-top to make me happy.  He’s a sweetheart and so very understanding of me.  He brought me flowers, candy and a really cute stuffed bear.  Then we went to our “first date” spot (it wasn’t an official date–we were two friends hanging out–but it quickly turned into flirtation and sparks), which was at the beach with our guitars at sunset.  *Awwwww*.  Then back to his house where he cooked me dinner and set up a table outside with candles.  *Awwwww.*  For dessert?  Chocolate fondue, my fave.  TOO CUTE!!!!

Gotta keep those good memories close to balance out the hard times.  🙂


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