Good Stuff notebook

I bought a shiny new notebook that is my Positive Thoughts journal.  I have a separate notebook for my regular journal.  I have a third notebook for poetry and song lyrics. And even a 4th for my Worries/Anxiety.

Seems excessive, huh?  But what can I say, I love writing.

The Positive Thoughts journal is my newest one.  I am trying to re-train my brain to focus on the positive things that happen to me.  I bet I can find at least one good thing I did per day.  A minimum of one happy thought.

Then, when I need a mood-booster, I can go to my Positive journal and read about lots of good stuff.

It’s all about perspective, right?  There’s going to be bad crap that happens.  Tragedies.  Plenty of negativity.  That stuff can go in my normal journal.  Expressive writing.

But at least I’ll have a place to go and read about GOOD stuff.  Because these down moods and anxious moments are much too frequent lately.  My pain levels have been everywhere from 1-10 this week, and just when I relax into feeling okay, the pain hits out of NOWHERE.  Up and down, up and down, on a pain roller-coaster.

C’est la vie.


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