Last Week=Pain, This Week=Fun

Suffering from chronic pain can really put wear and tear on a person.  Last week I was knocked down and out, waking up with migraine pain every single day.

I missed out on dance class (which I’ve been keeping up with as much as I can, yay!).

And I had to do the *one thing* that, as chronic migraineur who has a job, I hate doing: I called out sick for work.  I HATE missing days because honestly, I am really hard on myself.  I had to cut down from full time to part time last year, so I try my best to make it to work for those couple days a week when I am actually there.  But I just couldn’t push through the pain.  After Day 6 of torturous migraine pain, I could barely open my eyes.  I definitely couldn’t drive.  And I most definitely couldn’t work retail.


January has been a heavy pain month so far.  I felt really worn down last week.  I stayed home a lot, in my pity party of 1, and felt pretty “Woe is Me.”  Such a painful existence.

But even in the brain fog and pain, I managed to hold on to a shred of hope.  I took my vitamins and supplements, drank my smoothies, meditated, tried to eat healthy, and reminded myself: PAIN IS TEMPORARY.  MY DEPRESSION IS TEMPORARY.

…and I finally turned a corner.  Made it to work this week.  Had an awesome dance class.  And I’ve made fun plans for this week while I’m on the upswing and the pain is minimal.  HALLELUJAH!

What a roller-coaster.


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