Stress and Migraines: A Catch-22

One of the biggest things I hear about concerning migraines is STRESS.  You probably know what I’m talking about.  If not, just Google Search “Migraines and Stress” and you’ll get over 9.7 million results.

The Catch-22 I’m dealing with is the fact that every single day, I try my best to prevent migraine pain.  I try to sleep well, and eat well, and follow a diet (as low-tyramine as I can), and take my vitamins/supplements, and meditate, and stretch, and relax my tension, and make a Green Smoothie (a new thing I started doing this weekend, by the way!) aaaaand etc etc.

But doing all of those things takes focus and concentration and honestly, it’s stressful to worry about migraine prevention Day In and Day Out. Never a break.

Lifestyle changes cause stress, which cause migraine pain, which is why I started those changes in the first place!

But hopefully, eventually, the lifestyle changes will become easier.  It will become habit like showering or brushing my teeth.  And then maybe I will have more good days in the future. It’s hard right now, but hopefully it will get easier.

So I’m going to go back to that Google search and try to find some good advice.


Also, I found this article about ACCEPTANCE, which is something I am constantly working on.  I love this link so much.  Maybe you will find some insight in it as well:

Lastly, THANK YOU Internet, for your endless information and ways to connect people to other people in their situation so we don’t feel so alone.




4 responses

  1. Yes!!
    Minimizing stress is important for sure, but hell YEAH daily migraine prevention can be stressful!

    I ended up ditching the low-tyramine diet after a year, and not a bot of difference! The stress of monitoring so many restrictions outweighed any benefits for me.

    I like to remind myself that my experienced chronic-migraine self is more mindfull of stress than ever before, and that everyone experiences it; stress can never be totally eliminated.

    Here’s to doing our best with what we’ve got 🙂

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    1. Exactly! That is very well said! I’m hoping the positive lifestyle changes will become easier with time. And then I will ditch whatever is too stressful or isn’t working. It’s a balancing act, huh? Like you said, we’re doing our best!


  2. Something I have gathered from the Internet is that everyone’s migraines appear to be slightly different and influenced by different things, so finding the ones that drive yours is the key, if you try to control all the causes on the Internet you will be the most stressed person out there, so as you say, finding the ones that are working for you and aren’t too stressful has to be the key.


    1. Exactly, friend! After seeing my doctor, I had a whooole list of things to try. After a while, I’ve found a balance. But it’s always a work in progress!


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