Hello, World!

I am learning a valuable lesson about life right now: How to accept myself and be the real me.  I think I still spend too much energy trying to be “normal” and like everyone else.  People-pleasing doesn’t do me any good.  And it doesn’t help the people around me either.  It’s no wonder that people can’t understand my chronic pain situation–  I don’t speak up enough!
So okay, I have to try to face the facts: I have a disability, but that doesn’t make me a “sick person.” I have chronic migraines.

What else does that entail, besides torturous head pain?

Sometimes I am sensitive to noise and light.

Sometimes I am in a brain fog or I am forgetful.  I may ask you the same questions over and over again because the answers aren’t sticking.

Maybe for me,  going to bed at 1 or 2 am and sleeping in is how I function at my best.  Maybe I’m not one of those people that can wake up super early and go to bed super early.  Maybe forcing an unnatural sleep schedule is actually making my migraines worse.

So yes, right now I have to focus on my health more than some other 27-year-olds.  I am more high-maintenance when it comes to self care, but that’s okay!  Especially if it will help me function better.

I’m reading books about calming my anxiety, which helps too.  I try to focus on deep breathing throughout my day, and relaxing any tense muscles.

I also think it helps making fun plans for the week… but also being honest and feeling able to speak up when I need to cancel!!!!

And lastly, I have to remember that getting better is also about feeling better about myself, with or without a headache.  It’s about taking care of myself and self-endorsing when I do things that are good for me.  I can’t control the results.

My phrase of the day:

**Don’t be depressed about the things you can’t change or control.**

It’s better to be proactive about the things I CAN change and I CAN control.

Powerful, huh?


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