Is There a Migraine and Histamine Connection?

When I was in the Emergency Room at the hospital with horrible migraines 3 times this year, I was given a cocktail of medications, always including Benadryl Allergy (diphenhydramine), an antihistamine.

Since it helped me sleep, I decided to take one or two every night before going to bed for the last couple of weeks.

SHOCKINGLY, I’ve had more pain-free days than painful days lately.  (Before the Benadryl, I was waking up with horrible migraine head pain almost every day.)

I’ve been doing some research for a few days, and I found a study that is really interesting:

Here’s an excerpt:

“Many migraine patients have histamine intolerance evidenced by reduced DAO activity, triggering of headache by food rich in histamine (eg, long-ripened cheese or wine), and the alleviation of headache (ie, disappearance of symptoms) under a histamine-free diet (57, 65) and therapy with antihistamines (66).”

Has anyone else tried a histamine-free diet or a medication therapy including antihistamines (like Benadryl)?????

I feel like I may be onto something…



2 responses

    1. Thank you for sending me those links! They were extremely eye-opening and informative.

      After suffering from almost daily migraines for 13 years and seeing many doctors, I am surprised that none of them ever said anything to me about Histamine and Migraine. It seems like there may be a connection in my case! Only time will tell right now… 🙂

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