Stress-Free Bubble

When you find yourself struggling health-wise, you have to remind yourself that it is not selfish to take a couple of days off.  I canceled any plans I had this past weekend and did nothing.

I created a “Stress-Free Bubble” and I went nowhere.

It was lovely.

I had to do it, because health comes first.  Even though I had 2 sets of plans.  Multiple people were possibly disappointed, but it had to be done.  They actually seemed very understanding.  🙂

I am trying to learn how to calm down my irregular heartbeat, and de-stressing is something I have to re-learn right now, because of all of the hard challenges I face.  We all have to deal with life’s difficulties.  As I get older, the difficulties are stacking up, and the pain isn’t going away.

Here’s the strategy I came up with:

I bought a notebook to write down all of my worries in.  I kept the first page as a positive one, My Gratitude Page, so every time I open it I feel okay.  Then I create a page per worry.  I can physically see my worries written down, and then I can let my brain tackle and wrestle with any ideas I come up with.  Then I close the notebook and stop worrying!


“Sometimes the most urgent & vital thing you can possibly do is take a complete rest.”


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