ER Trip #3 (This Year)

What do you do when your heart is beating erratically, your migraine (on a pain level of 1-10) is a severe 11, and you’re scream/crying because it effin hurts, but you’re scared to take meds?

Who you gonna call….?

(Not Ghostbusters.  😛 )

It’s time to go to the Emergency Room.  Every migaineurs favorite place because it’s so peaceful, calm, and quiet…

…Not really. It was an agonizing, torturous wait.  They made the scream/crying girl with an irregular heartbeat wait THREE HOURS to be seen.  THREE HOURS of torture.

I would say that it felt embarrassing to be hysterical with no “visible” symptoms, but really, it’s the hospital that should be embarrassed for making me wait so long in the waiting room.

How can we make hospitals take us more seriously?!?!?!

Effin Ridiculous.

They told me I have PACs, aka Premature Atrial Contractions.  Apparently, nothing to be too concerned about at this point.  I’m supposed to keep a heartbeat diary, noting if caffeine or stress levels affect my heartbeat.  Other than that, I am “healthy” and “normal.”


So I guess you can add that to my list of health issues, all invisible: Migraine disease, PACs, anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

Yes, I am young (27) and yes I look “normal,” but the pain is real.  And really horrendous.

Such is my life right now. Ya feel me?

Here’s to cancelling plans and trying to rest this weekend.




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