How to Answer: “Do You Have a Migraine?”

I hear this question all the time:

“Do you have a migraine today?”

The person expects a “Yes” or “No” answer.

My goal is to work on how I respond to people so that I can educate them about what I go through, rather than trying to answer according to their expectation.

“Do you have a migraine today?”

The answer is: YES. ALL THE TIME. I am a migraine sufferer EVERY SECOND of EVERY DAY.

I always suffer from Migraine, a neurological disorder.

A metaphor to consider: Epilepsy and seizures. Someone has epilepsy every day, whether or not they are experiencing a seizure. I have Migraine Disease every day, whether or not I am experiencing the head pain symptom of the disease.

The correct question might be, “How bad is your migraine head pain today?”

“Is it black and white, like a no-pain-day or a horrible-pain-day?”

No. Usually it’s somewhere in between, in the gray area. Some moments are low pain; some moments are a lot of pain; some moments are excruciating. Most days, my pain fluctuates constantly—it goes up and down and up and down, etc.

Other aspects to consider: the Migraine Hangover, aka Migraine recovery, aka postdrome. I either have head pain or I am RECOVERING from the pain. Constantly.  And there’s also the start of a new pain cycle, which is called prodrome, which has its own set of symptoms.

MIGRAINE. When you hear that word, you automatically think of the head pain part. But really, Migraine itself is a DISEASE, and head pain is just ONE symptom–there are many other symptoms I experience.

“Do you have a migraine?”

I live with Migraine disease every single day.  My Migraine disease never goes away.


migraine mask



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