Be Brave!

Luck graced me with a No-Pain Day today, but I still felt like I had been run over by a truck.  I moved like a slug trying to get my day going, and I felt pangs of anxiety.  Ick.  I decided to treat myself to some amazing fro yo (frozen yogurt, yum!) even though it is technically breaking my Migraine Diet (no cheese, no chocolate, no yogurt, no coffee).  But I felt like I deserved to cheat a little since my headache was gone.  *Celebration!*

Alas, my anxiety wanted to get the best of me today.  I came home from the fro yo place and tried to convince myself that I shouldn’t go anywhere.  I was talking myself out of going to a dance class that I just started taking a couple weeks ago.

I told my boyfriend that I decided not to go to class because there was no point.  It’s not like I’m a pro or anything, and it’s expensive.

He was like, “Seriously?  It makes you SO HAPPY to dance.  You were beaming and completely excited after your last class.  Stop convincing yourself that it’s a bad idea.  JUST GO and HAVE FUN!”

I don’t know why my anxiety wanted to take over and make me stay home.  The good news is: I didn’t let it!  I went to the dance class, and I had a fabulous time.

My brain is weird.

Lesson of the day:  I won’t listen to my brain if it’s trying to talk me out of doing something I normally love doing.  Silly brain.  YOU MAKE NO SENSE!


Be Brave



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