Keep On Keepin’ On


3 important concepts for me to think about today:

Accept What You Can’t Change: This is a hard one, because of course migraneurs do their best to prevent migraines and take medicine to combat the beasts, but it might do me a little good to accept that I can’t change the fact that it is what it is.  Accept the fact, and let it go.  It is something I can’t change.

Know “This Too Shall Pass”: Even this horrible one will pass, because eventually the pain subsides to a tolerable point (even if it takes strong pain meds, or even going to the ER).  My negativity and bad mood will also pass (and hopefully soon!).

Seek Out Your Hidden Strength: I’ve faced these migraine beasts for 13 years, and I’ve been strong enough to make it this far.  Somewhere inside me, there is strength that will help me keep going.

The title of the article is “I Get Knocked Down– But I Get Up Again” (which is a lyric from a Chumbawamba song, haha.  The complete lyric is: I get knocked down/ but I get up again/ you’re never gonna keep me down.)


Keep Going


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