Lovely Streak

I am in recovery after the Worst Migraine of My Life took me to a place that felt near-death.  I had another intense 2-day migraine last Friday/Saturday.  And now? I find my head to be quiet.  I am thankful for the break, because it is MUCH NEEDED.  I had an insanely BUSY day yesterday, and luckily the Small Headache didn’t turn into Massive Migraine.  HOORAY!

So what exactly is helping?  Is it my new full list from Day to Day?  Or just one specific thing from the list?  Or is it a random coincidence?

It would be nice to say that I knew what brought on this lovely streak.

But either way, I will take it!

I almost forgot how it felt to be normal.  I am lucky that I have days where I actually feel like I don’t have this crazy invisible disease called Migraines.  I feel like I tamed and conquered a beast, especially yesterday.  We’ll see if this feeling continues…





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