Day to Day

I’m lucky to be born and experience this beautiful world, but my existence is a painful one.  I am trying to take control back from the migraines.  September has been treating me slightly better than usual (so far).  I’m trying not to get my hopes up…. I’m just taking it day by day.

So what does my new day-to-day look like?  Here is my list:
-First thing in the morning: Stretches!
-NO coffee
-Eating breakfast, drinking lots of water, having a glass of milk (Calcium!)
-Soaking up some sun rays (Vitamin D! Which goes perfectly with Calcium.)
-Less tv and less computer time
-No cheese, yogurt, or chocolate, No MSG, No fake sweeteners
-Taking probiotics, Daily vitamins, Magnesium, Butterbur/Feverfew
-Deep breathing throughout the day
-Checking my posture throughout the day
-Trying to relax tense muscles when I notice it
-If I am feeling any stress, I try to write it down, talk to someone, or find a distraction
-Eating little snacks throughout the day
-Listening to music!  (My latest musical addiction is City and Colour:
-Creating something artistic, or writing music and lyrics
-Practicing Mindfulness (There’s a good article on it here:


…did I forget anything?
…am I trying hard enough now, brain?


city and colour lyrics



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