Amor Fati

After 4 days of feeling better, I was hit with another beastly migraine, causing me a full night of painful insomnia last night, and causing me to call out of work yet again.  *frustration*  My pain meds finally decided to work, so as of now, I am hibernating in my room with the feeling of being hit by a truck, but alas, no head pain!

Even though it has been a hard day, I still try to find something positive to hold onto.  Here is a quote I really like, discussing how one moment of joy comes from every other moment leading up to it.

If we affirm one single moment, we thus affirm not only ourselves but all existence. For nothing is self-sufficient, neither in us ourselves nor in things; and if our soul has trembled with happiness and sounded like a harp string just once, all eternity was needed to produce this one event—and in this single moment of affirmation all eternity was called good, redeemed, justified, and affirmed.

—Nietzsche, Friedrich, The Will to Power (Walter Kaufmann and R.J. Hollingdale translators). New York: Random House, 1967. pages 532–533[1]
Here’s to being alive, even if it is a painful existence.  Here’s to finding the happy moments in tough days.
Amor Fati



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