Wake-Up Call

Whether you experience chronic pain or not, I think it’s important to remember to take care of yourself.  This year has been a really difficult one for me, and I think I forgot somewhere along the way…

13 years ago, I went to numerous doctors, trying to figure out the cause of my migraines.  I kept a Migraine Journal and a Food Diary and got MRIs and blood tests.  I was deemed “normal.”  None of the preventative medications worked.  I didn’t find any food triggers. I decided to manage the pain as I went along.

Somehow I made it through college and graduated.  I’ve been out in the working world, trying to get a career started, pretending to be normal.  I wouldn’t call out of work because of my migraines.  If it got really bad, I would take a pill and calm the pain down.  Work would distract me from the pain and I could make it through the day….  barely.

This year is different though.  Stress keeps piling up, and I can’t fake my way through life anymore.  Thursday’s migraine was my wake-up call to take better care of myself.


What are some ways to take care of yourself?

-Going to the doctor and the neurologist. 

(I haven’t been to a neurologist in 3 years.  I must fix that ASAP.)

-Acupuncture and massage therapy. 

(Acupuncture really helps me, so I need to make that a priority again.)

-Trying the Migraine diet of no cheese, no yogurt, and no chocolate.

(Let’s hope this works!)


Those are my top 3 right now.  Baby steps, right?




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