Survival Mode

I made it to the doctor yesterday, despite being in horrible pain.  My migraine continued to get worse and worse throughout the day.  At one point, I shouted, “I HATE MY LIFE!”  … even though I really enjoy my life, just not when it hurts this much.

Do you recall the worst migraine of your life?  Last night, I reached a scary point.  I had the WORST MIGRAINE OF MY LIFE!

I became hysterical and was rushed to the Emergency Room (for the second time this week). It was late at night, and the ER was much calmer than my previous trip.  I had a dark, private room and this time, the doctors didn’t mess around.  They brought my level of pain down and ran some tests.

Is it a good or bad thing that the tests show that I am completely normal?  I feel lucky that so far, nothing is “wrong.”  But it does leave me in the dark about why.  I’m left with Survival Mode.  No answers yet.

The doctors asked me to change my diet and see if that helps.  Goodbye cheese.  Goodbye chocolate.  Goodbye yogurt.  We’ll see if those changes improve my Migraine disease.

Today I woke up exhausted, but better.  I’m alive.  I survived the most excruciating pain of my life.  So YAY for that!


migraine 16 surviving


3 responses

  1. I asked the same question when all my tests came back normal. “How can everything be normal when I feel like this?” I was torn. At least if something turned up wrong, at least all the pain would be explained. {HUGS}


    1. *Hugs* Thank you for the support, my friend!


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